Benefits Of Our Services

  1. We are EQUIPPED and EXPERIENCED. Because of our extensive experience and high profile in the electrical industry, we already have a customer base for you.

  2. We offer LOCAL SALES MANAGEMENT, which is critical in today's competitive market.

  3. Your PRODUCTS WILL BE WELL RECEIVED because we have built trust with the end users of similar products.

  4. Your COSTS ARE MINIMAL because they are pre-determined and fixed. Sales costs are tied directly to orders received.

  5. We do extensive DIRECT EMAIL MARKETING, using SIC (Standard Industrial Codes) to target potential customers

  6. We COMMUNICATE FACE TO FACE and utilize the latest technology

  7. Inquiries and orders are processed QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY

  8. We believe in YEARLY PLANNING, along with ONGOING EVALUATIONS, to formalize goals with your management team and to keep us on target.