Why You Need A Manufacturer's Rep.

  1. Manufacturers' agents give manufacturers a pre-determined fixed sales cost. Sales costs are tied directly to goods shipped.

  2. Manufacturers' agents are motivated to sell because they work out an incentive program with the manufacturer. This profit motive acts as the stimulus to wet a salesman's appetite to go out and succeed!

  3. Manufacturers' agents provide local sales management, which is critical in a competetive market place.

  4. Manufacturers' agents offer you a trained sales force. The training costs you nothing because it is a part of the overall package.

  5. With the help of a manufacturers' agent, you gain immediate access to the market. It would take a new member of your factory sales team several years to know where to focus their efforts and how to get a reception.

  6. Finally, manufacturers' agents enable you to maintain a steady presence with your customers. As you know, factory sales people often spend a few years in a market and then move to another asignment. Causing customers to shift to competitors. A manufacturers' representative helps you avert customer attrition.