Benefits Of Our Services

  • Experience…Our extensive experience and established reputation in the electrical industry provides a pre-established customer base for you.


  • Preparedness…We make it a priority to know your products and stay ahead of changing market conditions.


  • Locality… Critical in today’s competitive market, our conveniently located sales representatives and offices are available to provide unmatched customer service.


  • Trust…We have built trust with the end users of  our products, and maintain a pristine reputation within the industry.


  • Cost-Effective… Our rates are pre-determined and fixed. Sales costs are tied directly to orders received and there are no surprises when you receive a bill.


  • Communication… The key to any sale. We have adopted the latest technology so all messages are answered quickly and orders are processed promptly.


  • Planning… Along with ongoing evaluations, we believe in quarterly planning to formalize goals with your management team and align our companies efforts.

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Why You Need A Manufacturer's Representative

Manufacturers’ agents enable you to maintain a steady presence with your customers. As you know, factory sales people often spend a few years in a market and then move to another assignment causing customers to shift to competitors. A manufacturers’ representative helps you avert customer attrition. Contact Lehman Company and Associates to learn how we can help you!