About Us

With over 40 years experience in the electrical field, we have extensive experience in sales, engineering, and training. Since 1988, I have led the sales team of Lehman Company and Associates and worked directly with the manufacturers we represent. We make it our business to know the application specific products of our principles and provide exceptional customer service.

Give my office a call today. Let us provide solutions to your problems!

Scott Lehman, CPMR

Benefits Of Our Services

We are experienced. Due to our extensive background and high profile in the electrical industry, we have a pre-existing customer base for you.

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Our Marketing Objectives

Lehman Company and Associates is committed to helping your sales soar!

We work diligently to market and sell your products in the most profitable manner.

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Why You Need A Manufacturer's Representative

Manufacturers’ agents enable you to maintain a steady presence with your customers. As you know, factory sales people often spend a few years in a market and then move to another assignment causing customers to shift to competitors. A manufacturers’ representative helps you avert customer attrition. Contact Lehman Company and Associates to learn how we can help you!